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The power behind Reiki is the belief that our bodies are electromagnetic and energetic in nature. Manipulation of this energy influences a healthy balance in the mind, body, and spirit.
Reiki is an art, a discipline, and a science. It has a belief system and a chemical or bio chemical choreography. Reiki is not a business. We stand solidly in this principle because:

Usui sensei was a missionary who practiced Reiki. Usei sensei was also a well respected business man.

The prophet Jesus was a child of light from heaven, and a skilled carpenter.

If you are not willing to hold to this principle Don't even bother to ask for lessons.


More emphasis needs to be placed on visualization practices during meditation/prayer at some point. Set aside a small portion of time for visualization and small portion of time for mind clearing. I suggest that days be alternated and each practiced until mastered.

Being is doing. Keep mastering and increase your power. Being a master is more than holding a title.

Strengthen 'peripheral awareness'

Desire to be a Master dedicated to the art of meditation, mind clearing and mental picturing, gain a higher level of Reiki mastery.

My dear late friend Michael, who was in the Navy during world war two, taught me a technique to increase night vision and awareness. When you are looking out over the ocean in the dark, it is hard to focus on an object. What you do is scan the horizon. When you find something you want to focus on, you have to understand that you can't. Your eyes play tricks in the dark. Bring your line of vision to the right and the left alternately of the thing you want to focus on, but can't. Do not actually look at the thing you want to see. More and more details will become clear through the strengthening of your peripheral vision. It takes concentration. There is no room for any emotions. Emotions break concentration. Whatever is out there, be it friend or foe, your need to be alert and in control of the only thing in the world you really have control over. Yourself.

Mind Work

Mental picturing transforms our energy into matter. Your intent is what adds the substance producing material form. All Reiki Masters acknowledge a higher power of some sort. Intent or will is deferred to the higher power the Reiki Master serves.



Sit comfortably and relaxed at a time of day when you will not fall asleep. Become aware of your body as you close your eyes. Starting at your toes, become aware of, and relax every muscle and body part one at a time until you reach your head. Staying relaxed listen to the thoughts that roll through your head for a moment and then silence them. When you begin to hear mental chatter: picture yourself hitting the stop button on a tape recorder. Keep your mind quiet. Listen to the sound of your body breathing. Stay quiet for a time. (15 to 20 minutes each session) As you quiet your mind, mental images may form. Do not hold onto the images. Let the images pass without thinking about them. Press a mental stop button if you have to. Do this exercise daily for a week and report your findings in your journal.

The second meditation component to master is self-control. Sit quietly in meditation as you did last week. Keep your note book handy. Be sure to keep your mind quiet as you slip into your trance of being. If you notice internal dialogue, or mind chatter: focus on your breathing. As images begin to appear in your mind focus on keeping your mind clear and let the images come and go. Try not to have any reactions or judgments as to what you are seeing. Make notes as to the images you viewed during the meditation. Schedule a lesson with your Reiki master to discuss any questions or observations you may experience.

Try this short meditation: Your master has taught you 'hopefully' that you first fill yourself with Reiki energy, and then let it over flow from you to your client. Do this as your master has taught you, first. Take a deep breath to draw in energy, and then exhale, with your mind's eye 'see' the energy being released around your body in the orbit depicted in the photo. (linked to from I would appreciate it if you would message me with your journal notes on the experience. Namnaste.





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